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world averages europeave

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who Is the Fairest of Them All? cassovia.info world -of- averages - europeave /.
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Average French Female. Average Irish Male. Average Irish Woman. Average English Man. Average English Woman. Average Russian Man.

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In case Greeks were mixed with medieval Avaro-Slav invaders they ought to be more Mongolians in genes, but they are not, thus Greeks are not mixed with medieval Avaro-Slav invaders at all. Sicilians are more Mediterranean and Near Eastern. Communism was the golden age of the Slavs: lol what is there to say, the idiocy in this post is obvious, you only have to look at the numbers of eastern block prostitutes in the European brothels.

world averages europeave

Are You Normal?

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This is especially true in the American south. Carolina: That would be interesting to include the Portuguese, because I understand that there is a genetic variation from the Spaniards. You may argue about the culture etc. You have a great complex with Albanians, as you call everybody here an Albanian and the only people who have that are Fyromians, another proof of what you are. I remember it seeing on the internet some years ago..

world averages europeave