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what feel like crack

A crack high is nothing like a coke high. Unless you're . Sometimes i get a whoosh, euphoric high feeling. that crap made me feel like trash.
It is a rush of euphoria. The experience is strongly similar to snorting powder cocaine but faster It feels like it's suddenly become clear that you are in fact surrounded by assholes and then follows the realisation that you're incredibly alone in.
So what does it feel like to be a cocaine addict? I guess it depends what stage you're in. Denial, realization, acceptance, not ready to quit, ready..

What feel like crack - flying fast

Effective Drug Education Tools. I remember being in a local bar and she asked a stranger if he had any coke. For one thing, if I'd opted to buy those cigarettes instead of breakfast, or even if I hadn't decided to bullshit around and read the newspaper after, I most certainly would have been fast asleep when that fire started. Tom Cochrane would've exited your bullshit choice of road no matter how many hours were left in the night. Well, because his roommate also smoked crack and he didn't want to share with that bastard. That is how warped your brain chemistry becomes. For that reason I don't know that I will every try it. I mentioned that this was Thanksgiving Day, right?

what feel like crack

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I love its core values. I inhaled deeply and held it in for a bit. We take no government funds.