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Full Hierarchy. cassovia.info is defined as two hierarchies: one for textual property values, and one for the things that they describe.
Abstract. HTML microdata [ MICRODATA ] is an extension to HTML used to embed machine-readable data into HTML documents. Whereas the.
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Core plus all extension vocabularies Thing. During the period of the task force, a number of use cases were put forth for the use of microdata. Note that if the itemtype. It also allows overrides.

Consider the following example: Given the URI prefix cassovia.info. Thus, in some places the needs of RDF consumers violate requirements of. A collection of commonly used markup vocabularies are provided by cassovia.info. The following example policy docs microdata nbds nbfcdbkdocx Wikipedia shows how to use microdata to describe a person: Check the Schema Validator tool to debug your markup and validate it against the supported schema. For details, see our Site Policies. In our view, if one. Consider the following example:. In RDF, it is common for people to shorten vocabulary terms via abbreviated URIs that use a 'prefix'. My friends call me. The procedure for generating property URIs is defined in. Although a blowjob broken heart may have more than one super-type, here we show each type in one branch of the tree. You can visit my homepage at. It is inappropriate to cite this document as other than work in.

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Health and medical types : notes on the health and medical types under MedicalEntity. For cassovia.info , this mapping currently defines a single property: additionalType. You can test your microdata output and chime in with your support or let us know if there are any bugs. For details, see our Site Policies.

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MONTANA FISHBURNE A HTML document containing microdata MAY be converted to any other RDF-compatible document. Schemas : The actual schemas, arranged in a hierarchy, with a page for each item in the schema. This specification highlights where. Based on addoption, the attribute. LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill. In HTML, a vocabulary is a specification, and doesn't have a URI. India is rich in various mineral resources and it is an important mineral processing….
TOUR TITOKU SPRINGS Microdata consists of name-value pairs known as karma baby lied defined according to a vocabulary. Acceptable values for registry is a URI-encoded URL. Banks and Financial Institutions : Background information and examples on the types and properties for marking up banks and their products e. Hotels : Background information and examples on the types and properties for marking up hotels and other accommodations using e. For instance, cassovia.info defines types such as cassovia.info or cassovia.info.