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    Alok, a self-taught guitarist and bassist, formed his first band Pillow early in 1996 After they disbanded in mid 98, he formed Slow Tech Riddim with Kim, when they started combining electronic music with live instruments. Together they had published two albums and contributed in numerous compilation releases. Since 2001, Alok appeared as a solo artist. He published the first 3" mini album with The Pancakes in 2001. In 2002, he set up his own record label Lona Records, and started working as a producer. From the end of 2002 to 2006, he released three albums and a few 3" cd singles: , <31 Minutes to Midnight>, <29 Minutes from the End>, and . His latest collaborative work with L W T V < Amidst The Boredom, They Gather Forces> was released on Little Sound in December 2006.   Alok,實驗音樂廠牌Lona Records 的創辦人,自1996年起已活躍於香港獨立音樂圈。其首個樂隊Pillow於1998年解散後,他與Kim 組成了Slow Tech Riddim ,開始以真實樂器結合電子音樂,並出版了兩張專輯及參與了多張合輯的製作。2001年起,他以個人身份繼續拓展其音樂領域,先後出版了三張大碟(、<31 Minutes to Midnight>、<29 Minutes from the End>)和三張三吋唱片(與The Pancakes 合作的第一張三吋CD、於自家廠牌推出的)。自2005年底,他專注於Lona Records 的發展,積極發掘世界各地的優秀音樂人/樂隊,為他們出版唱片及作推廣發行。2006年12月,他與L W T V 的現場錄音合成品 於 Little Sound 出版,限量發行。 Alok曾參與現場演出無數,包括 Berlin Hong Kong Festival (2001)、Rechenzentrum Vs Slow Tech Riddim (2001)、Hong Kong international film festival closing party (2002)、Rockit festival (2004)、 Mondialito Live in Hong Kong (2005)、AGF Live in Hong Kong (2005) 和 Lona Records "Take off Your Headphone & Turn to 10" (2007) 等。 Read more...

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